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4 Risks of Using PLR Content

PLR (private label rights) content, sometimes known as “resale rights” or “white label” content, is a content type that’s popular among webmasters and internet marketers. Unlike article marketing and CC-licensed sites, with PLR, nearly all rights are sold, including the rights to resale, attribution, and so on. Depending on the license you’ve purchased, when you buy PLR, you are free to take the content, change it, put your name on it, and resell it. PLR is tempting for marketers for various reasons. It’s inexpensive, easy to use, and if it’s done right, your visitors will never know that you didn’t write it yourself. However, there are a few pitfalls to consider, as explained below.

Plagiarism Worries

Few plr websites create the articles, videos, and other content they sell. Rather, they use third-party providers or they buy the rights themselves. Unfortunately, even with the most advanced plagiarism detection strategies, there’s really no way to ensure that work is plagiarism-free.

Works can easily be unlawful derivatives that defy easy detection, they may be taken from content that hasn’t yet been posted online, or it could be that it’s been resold so many times that it’s impossible to find the original author. However, if work is infringing and it has your name on it, you’ll be the one receiving the nasty letters from lawyers.

Duplicate Content Concerns

Almost all sites selling PLR funnels sell them to more than one buyer. If a work is publicly published, Google will know, and most versions will be treated like duplicate content (which comes with a heavy penalty). If it’s outside of Google’s purview, such as being part of an eBook or a member’s section, it may still cause problems when visitors and customers find other versions of the PLR video content.

Think, for instance, how your customer would feel if they purchased an eBook from you, just to find it elsewhere for free! At best, they’ll feel as if they’ve been taken advantage of; at worst, they’ll accuse you of plagiarism. To fight this, some sellers impose limits on the frequency with which PLR coaching programs can be sold. Even with such restrictions, there may be dozens of people with the same content.

Low-Quality Content

Most sellers offer free PLR and they’re bought sight unseen. This prevents buyers from assessing the quality of that content before buying. Many times, it turns out that the PLR article content is of low quality, and a great deal of editing is required. This makes the “great deal” seem not-so-great.

Using PLR Content: Being Aware of the Risks

If you do decide to put PLR content and PLR giveaway reports to use, it’s important to know the risks. With that said, there are steps you can take to reduce those risks, including:

  • Doing plagiarism checks. Use a service such as Plagium or Copyscape to determine if the work has been sold or posted elsewhere. It may be hard with PLR, but it will also tell you how widely the content has been used.
  • Using the content as a research source. If you see PLR as something you’ll have to rewrite (or as the starting point for your research), you may be able to get more mileage from it. Some people buy PLR just to have an endless supply of topic ideas!
  • Buying from reputable vendors. Before buying a PLR pack, do some research on the company and keep in mind that you’re risking more than the cost of the articles you’re buying.

Though these steps won’t completely eliminate the risks of using private label rights content, they will greatly reduce them.

The Bottom Line

In our experience, those who profit most from PLR email autoresponder series are, unfortunately, the least ethical. With scraping and various other infringement methods becoming much riskier, most people find it easier and less expensive to spend a little on content they can then spin into thousands of lower-quality articles.

However, if you’re looking for unique, high-quality content you can promote as a new eBook or post on your blog, you’ll need to write it yourself (or hire a talented ghostwriter). Though these processes are time-consuming and costly, they’re the only real way to get high-quality content that doesn’t run afoul of the search engines. You always have the option to downloads some free plr videos first, test the quality and then buy more to ensure you’re happy with the content.

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